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Several of my oil paintings are being digitalized by a very sophisticated process and are being reproduced as giclée fine art prints in a limited numbered edition. Giclées are modern prints of high (museum-)quality on Hahnemühle 310 grs. paper. The making of a giclée starts with the digitalization of the original art work. This digital photo is being processed in such a way that it corresponds to the original as closely as possible. My providers use the special inks Archival (Re-Art) or Epson Ultra Chrome HDR (Studio Buitenhof). Because many more colours of ink are being used than for regular printing, the giclée can hardly be distinguished from the original work. Moreover, because of the high quality of the inks and paper and the use of an UV coating the lastingness of the giclée has a (more than) lifelong guarantee*.

The making of each individual giclée requires great skill and meets the high demands of artists and for instance museums as they have for other prints like lithos or screen printing. There is no mass production here, but a (very) limited, numbered and hand signed edition. For the art lover it is an economical alternative which is still exclusive because of the limited and signed edition.

The giclées are surrounded by a white margin of 3 or 5 cm and are supplied without a frame.
The giclées can be ordered by the order form that will appear on your screen after clicking the ORDER button. After receiving your order form a confirmation and invoice will be sent to your email adress. After receiving your payment the giclée will be printed and carefully packed,  and will be sent to you within 5-10 working days.

All prices are inclusive of shipment costs.

In case you have any questions, please ask them using this contact form.

* Naturally this depends on the correct way of exhibiting the artwork, that is protected by glass, not in direct sunlight and not in a humidity of over 60%.

Yvonne Melchers

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